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Food in Finnegan's Dalkey;

 Soup of the day  4.95
 French Onion Soup  6.50
 French Prawn Bisque  6.95
 Duck liver pate - Cumberland sauce, melba toast  7.50
 Dalkey baked crab au gratin  9.50
 Avocado and wild red prawn salad, Marie rose sauce  8.50
 Deep fried brie, red currant and port sauce  7.50
 Deep fried calamari, sweet chilli sauce  7.50
 Bruschetta with slow roast tomato, Spanish anchovies and fresh mozzarella  7.50



Deep fried breaded Galway scampi 18.50
Smoked Salmon and crab salad 15.00
Finnegan's fish pie 14.50
Baked cottage pie 11.50
Deep fried breaded cod 13.90
Half Roast Duck, Orange, ginger and star anise sauce 18.50
Chicken Parmigiana 13.50
Joint of the day (Ask your server) 13.50
Salad Nicoise - Tuna, Egg, Anchovy, green beans and potato 13.50
Roast Aubergine stuffed with vegetables and halloumi 12.50
Open Smoked Salmon sandwich on Guinness brown bread 9.50
Beefsteak and kidney pie 12.50
Fresh Fish of the day (ask your server) 14.50



Ice cream with hot chocolate sauce 4.90
Meringue with mixed berries and cream 4.90
Apple and blackberry crumble, cream and Ice cream 4.90
Irish cheese plate, apple chutney 7.50
Lemon Tart with cream 4.90


Menus on this website are subject to change as does our choice during the seasons. If there's a particular dish you'd like, please check with us prior to booking. Our fish is Irish and fished sustainably where possible. Our meat is from Frank Doyle and only the best from Irish farmers. We use organic fare when we can. Everything is lovingly made in our own kitchen. We are proud to support local Irish artisan producers and serve good homely Irish food. ✻


Brother, son, friend, colleague, Paul Finnegan returned to Dalkey in 1989 after several years learning his trade in Ashford castle and Adare Manor, to open a kitchen in his Father's pub. In the 26 years that have passed since, he established a reputation based on simple, fresh, delicious food, one that has satisfied both locals and luminaries, without distinction. Remembering his dedication, we as a family are proud, along with our chefs and staff, to continue the tradition of good food, simply prepared for another 26 years and more.

Inside Finnegans



Inside Finnegan's, you can "Take a seat" at the bar or at a table, either way, you will find a rich, warm and inviting environment. While the weather is good, we also have the outside sitting area, too. "Alfresco" is always a great choice for a sunny summer afternoon lunch with a chilled glass of Cabernet Sauvignon, otherwise, you'll find comfort during the winter by the fire and well-serviced seating inside and around the various snugs, tables and seated areas.

Service is also a priority in Finnegan's, our staff stay with us usually for many years with Ken and Damien assisting the Finnegan family for at least decade, each.. and that's what the Irish Pub experience is about. Table service is available every day for lunches between 12.15 and 3.30. You can reserve a table too, by calling us or contacting us - We have a few particular areas inside Finnegan's which are suitable for groups but you need to contact us well in advance.

Events in Finnegans

Events in Finnegan's

Events in


Finnegan's typically cater for events ranging from whiskey or wine tasting to charity events. If you're planning your event get in touch with us to see what can be done to assist you. We've had many types over the years and can reserve a section of the pub for this types of activity given some notice. We open early when Ireland are playing international Rugby or games of importance! As for most sporting events - please enquire, we have Sky Sports available in the pub with a number of large well-placed screens. We also provide table service.

Paul Finnegan takes questions from the media about cooking for the First Lady of the United States of America
or #FLOTUS as she's affectionately known - an "Event" of note.

The Lobster Festival

The Lobster and Crab Jazz festival is almost an annual event. We change our menu to reflect this if Dalkey as a village goes ahead with the event. This event is not managed by Finnegan's and is not on every year. Please follow our facebook or twitter pages for updates closer to the date, which can be around July. Examples are taken by some of our customers of how we like to serve our Lobster, Crab and all that Jazz - Kindly taken by Mark and Andrew.